Malacca (Malaysia): Jonker Walk (Night)

Posted in Malacca, Malaysia, Travel by happyhighfashion on June 5, 2010

The signature red splashed all around the heart of Malacca, also known as the red city of Malaysia.

“Melaka is the oldest capital city in the state of Malaysia and it is the center of Malaccan history as well. There are many preserved landmarks that represent the essence of Malaccan history right from the occupation of Dutch, Portuguese, British and Japanese. Today, Melaka has been established as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites” (Source: articlesbase.com)

Welcome to the world heritage city! MELAKA BOLEH!

Beautiful river sight as you approach the Jonker Walk.

Jonker Walk as the sun begins to set.

Location: Jalan Hang Jebat

The exploration begins as we snack along the way…

Orang Utan – they sell original tshirt designs.

Alot of stalls were selling “childhood toys” like the Pop Pop, bubble balloon and quirky lighters, instruments, rubix cube, etc.

Clogs galore!

Rainbow coloured hair bands.

RM5 each – no battery, tak perlu battery!

Taiwan fruit candy stick for RM2 – fruits on a stick soaked or dipped in icy cold glucose.  Once the glucose hardens, you get fruit candy and its real sweet!

Flavoured ice shavings – very vibrant colours and they have a flavour called “Mulberry”!!

Ships, junks, of different shapes and sizes!

Freshly baked pineapple tarts – you can sample and sample as you walk down the street.

Ice Popsicles for RM1 each – Sarsi anyone? Yummy!

There is so much colour in the darkness.  Jonker Walk was bustling with activity and full of life at night.