Hong Kong: Mongkok at night

Posted in Hong Kong, Travel by happyhighfashion on November 7, 2009

Hungry for food, we walked and walked and we finally found an Itamae Sushi outlet located on 56 Dundas Street, Gala Place (Mongkok MRT, Exit E2).

We took our queue number and went window shopping.  It was only after about 40 minutes before we sat down to have our meal! It is very popular…  The conveyor belt is very organised and there are labels for the respective section and type of sushi available.

The prices at Itamae Sushi in Hong Kong is similar to Singapore’s Ichiban Sushi or Sushi Tei, but I would say that Itamae Sushi is cheaper for some of the sushi items because the fish servings are generous.  The rice are all hand-mounded in front of you and the fish covers the whole rice.

The salmon sushi was priced at a promotion for HK$3 each, the eel sushi was hot and you can hardly see the rice as the eel covers it.  The soy sauce salmon was also on promotion of only HK$4.50 for a pair.

Delicious, value for money and worth the long wait!

Mongkok’s night scene on a weekend is tremendously crowded and packed with street performances.  You can find alot of second hand branded shops around Hong Kong such as Milan Station and ISA Boutique among many others.
“Please do not put in $, otherwise I will sing…”
We went camera lens and accessories hunting down Sai Yeung Choi Street such as Wing Shing Photo Supplies Co, Citicall and Broadway.


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