Hong Kong: SoHo, Central

Posted in Hong Kong, Travel by happyhighfashion on November 6, 2009

Day 2:

Rise and shine, we took the MTR from Prince Edward to Central in bid to hunt down a location to have our brunch at 11am.

Two girls climbed up the hilly slopes in the search for Peel Street.

We were treated to a bling bling “SH!OK” signage located on G/F, 66 Peel St, Soho.  It is opened by a Singaporean, very Singlish indeed! We didn’t go in but you may read the review on Time Out here.

We climbed further up to finally find our destination after much leg ache and perspiration.  That’s my friend/colleague zig zag-ing.

Welcome to the Brunch Club, innocently located on 70 Peel St, Soho.  A cozy neighbourhood cafe on a very steep slope. The ambiance is really nice and cosy, decked with many imported magazines for you to purchase and browse with care.  There is also free wi-fi so we managed to sit down, log in and update ourselves with the news, twitter and flaunt our current situation on facebook.  We decided to come here for food after reading about this in Jetstar’s Oct-Nov 2009 issue.  The Brunch Club is open everyday from 8am-11pm for every meal of the day. How wonderful!

Eza’s omelette, toast, hashbrown and salad.

I wanted lots of meat so I ordered a plate of mixed grill with two sunny side up.

Hidden beneath my eggs and toast were a plate of meat galore consisting of pork sausage, grilled tomatoes, ham, bacon, grilled onions, chicken, etc.  It was fantastic, delicious and filling!

Found this cute booklet on Hong Kong and the various shops and places one can visit.  We passed by the shop Chocolate Rain located on G/F, 63 Peel St, Soho (i.e. as seen on the bottom left of the booklet), founded by Prudence and Janice who are also the designers of this eclectic shop.  Specialising in handcrafted pieces of recycled materials, jade, crystals, precious stones, and mother of pearl among many others, it is a showroom that displays works by the designer’s friends and it doubles as a classroom for jewelry-making courses.

Check out the toys, random trinklets and what people have thrown away as “rubbish” that form the shop’s signage!  Unfortunately, the shop was still closed at 1pm so we decided to explore the rest of Central despite trying our luck twice.

A scary sight as we watched a taxi try its very best in turning around on the steep slope.

Another interesting sight just outside the Brunch Club was the Umbrella Man and his umbrella repair workshop.  Countless umbrellas on display and even one that was possibly struck by a typhoon.

Fun fact: The Umbrella Man (i.e. Mr Ho) is now in the Guinness Book of World Records for having produced the most expensive umbrella in the world—one made of ox-hide that cost $164,000.  A diligent worker, he runs his store everyday until 4pm and is located on 72 Peel St, Soho.

Mr Ho happily posed for a picture when I asked in “sign” language for permission to snap a shot of him.  A very jovial fella and proud of his achievements in a humble way.

Hong Kong was having a Wine & Dine festival so the Soho, Central area was gearing up for the weekend event.  Unfortunately, as my travel partner is Halal, I abstained from alcohol for this trip.  An achievement!

We stumbled upon the Central Mid-levels Escalator, the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world.

We went up up and up to the Jamia Mosque also known as the “Shelley Street Mosque” and if you go slightly further up, you will reach Mosque St.

There was nothing to see beyond Mosque St so we headed back down to 4 Prince Terrace and spotted another cafe which was recommended by my sister.  Cafe Lavande is a Provence style cafe tucked away on a quiet street beside the Mid-Levels escalator.  The must try are its flavour-packed beverages as the cafe serves up strong flavours softened with milky embellishments, such as almond cappuccino and hazelnut latte. I am definitely popping by this cafe the next time I visit HK!

Further down, we arrived at another recommendation from my sister.  XTC Gelato located at Shop B, 45 Cochrane Street (by the escalator, between Hollywood Road and Lyndhurst Terrace).  Its a tiny little place serving Gelato made from only natural ingredients, organic milk and with less fat than ice cream!  They had an interesting flavour when we went, “Spicy Chocolate”.  We tried the Banana Caramella and it was excellent! If only our stomachs had room for more but we were so full from our brunch.

We started walking aimlessly and wandered into a street selling fresh produce, like a wet market and was a colourful photography opportunity.  Fish selling for relatively cheap for their size, tonnes of vegetables nicely laid out on ratten trays, turned over umbrellas to catch ceiling water and to prevent it from dripping on shoppers.  It was a short but interesting street, the name I am unable to recall.

At the end of the wet market street, there was a side street of food stalls and this table at the bottom picture happily turned around and “posed” for me.  “Kay Poh”.

A pity we didn’t manage to try the trams as a form of transportation in Central.  Till the next visit!


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